Where it All Began.

Where It All Began.

Meet Trevor and Zach Petrus

Trevor and Zach, Co-owners of AutoNirvana Apparel, are twin brothers from Buffalo, NY.  For years now, they've been dedicated to learning everything cars, from the never-ending variety of models to the amazing community that surrounds them.  Car guys at heart, they've always wanted to make their ripple in automotive culture.

Trevor and Zach's entrepreneurial began very early on in their life.

Ever since the age of 10, they always had business to tend to.  Whether it was a kool-aid stand, or going door-to-door selling drawings and hockey cards, they've always had a passion to create the world as they see it, through entrepreneurship.

Our Vision.

With help from our ever-expanding supporters, friends, and family, the AutoNirvana team is determined to make AutoNirvana the largest clothing brand in the car world.  With unique, simple, and elegant designs, we're set on bringing car enthusiasts what they've been waiting for: A brand that represents their passion.